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Water Security Summit 2001 Proceedings

Haestad Methods announced the rapid and timely release of the proceedings from the first-of-its-kind Water Security Summit 2001 held in Hartford, Connecticut, on December 3 and 4. More than 600 water utility and government officials from around the world crowded into Hartford, Connecticut, to hear 30 experts discuss security measures to prevent a potential bioterrorist attack on the nation’s water supply. Both speakers and attendees explored water system vulnerabilities; discussed guidelines for implementing security plans; and reviewed existing federal, state, and private resources. The complete set of proceedings will allow the information presented at the summit to be distributed to the 2,000 water officials who had to be turned away due to lack of space at the facility in Hartford. This information will comprise speaker presentations and panel discussions including comprehensive guidelines on how to protect water supply infrastructures against terrorist and natural disasters.