Water reserves found in Kenya through space-based exploration

Water reserves found in Kenya through space-based exploration


Kenya: Scientists have used geospatial technology to find a huge aquifer in the arid region of Turkana in Kenya. According to an initial estimate, the aquifer is capable of providing 70-year water supply to Kenya.

The discoveries were made by the natural resources exploration firm, Radar Technologies International, during the course of a survey of groundwater conducted for the Kenyan Government on behalf of the UN. The aquifers were detected with the WATEX System, RTI’s state-of-the-art, space-based exploration technology.

Both shallow and deep aquifers were surveyed across northern and central Turkana County in an effort to identify supplies to combat drought and water scarcity for the 2 million people living in the region. The study found that Turkana hosts a minimum reserve of 250 billion cubic meters of water, which is recharged mainly by the rainfalls of the Kenyan and Ugandan highlands at a rate of 3.4 billion cubic meters per year.

Source: rtiexploration.com