Water flowing into Macquarie Marshes’ nature reserve

Water flowing into Macquarie Marshes’ nature reserve


Water has started flowing into the northern nature reserve in the Macquarie Marshes in central western New South Wales.

The State Government released an environmental allocation of about 13,000 megalitres from Burrendong Dam for the wetlands about three weeks ago.

The Department of Environment and Climate Change has done aerial surveys over the past week to map the flow.

A senior environmental scientist with the department who flew over the marshes, Rachael Thomas, says the water is working its way through the wetlands.

“We found water in the southern area of the marshes, Buckinguy Swamp, Monkey Swamp, lots of the braided channels through the breakaway of the southern nature reserve have got water through it and the water’s slowly moving up through the northern nature reserve through the Bora channels,” she said.

She says it is expected to be six months before the results are released and once finalised the mapping information will add to historical records.

“We’ve been mapping inundation using a 20 year record of satellite imagery and so I will have to do some data analysis, but as far as ecological responses of wildlife and vegetation, it is a little bit too early, there’ll be some more monitoring that will occur over the next couple of months,” she said.