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‘Washington Post’ wants presidential debate on EO sats

US: ‘The Washington Post’ wants NASA’s earth science satellites and NOAA’s weather satellites to be on the list of issues debated in this presidential election year, according to its recently published editorial. The editorial came in the wake of the National Research Council’s (NRC’s) ‘mid-term review’ of how NASA and NOAA are implementing the recommendations of the NRC’s 2007 Earth Science and Applications from Space (ESAS) Decadal Survey.

The NRC report concluded that the US earth observation satellite systems are in a precarious situation because of budget shortfalls, lack of affordable launch vehicles and changes directed by the White House Office of Management and Budget and by Congress.

However, the editorial did not mention the two most recent political debates over NOAA and its satellite programmes: the Senate Appropriations Committee’s recommendation to transfer NOAA’s satellite programmes to NASA because it believes NOAA manages those programs poorly, or Rep. Ralph Hall’s (R-TX) criticism of NOAA for issuing a contract proposal to have magicians at a training conference.

Source: www.spacepolicyonline.com