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Warsaw University-Lockheed team develops autonomous UAV control software

Poland: The Warsaw University of Technology team has successfully demonstrated the first phase of flight test and integration of unmanned aircraft platforms with an autonomous mission control system.

The demonstration marks a major milestone in a partnership between the Lockheed Martin and university that started earlier this year.

Professor Janusz Narkiewicz, the leader and scientific manager of the project from Warsaw University of Technology, said, " This is an excellent opportunity for our students to collaborate with a global leader in aerospace engineering to develop complex control software. The project also integrates this control software onto multiple unmanned aircrafts as part of a full flight test program.”

The key objective of this programme is to optimize the performance of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) when flying in fleets manned aircraft, in order to make the best use of available assets for any given mission.

The program complements Lockheed Martin's strong ties with Polish industry and commitment to fostering engineering excellence by partnering with academic and research and academic institutions.

Source: Lockheed Martin