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Warren Brown, joins iDirect Technologies as Vice President

Direct Technologies, a privately held company that designs, develops, and markets satellite-based broadband access solutions, announced it has recruited Warren Brown, a veteran of The Boeing Company and McDonnell Douglas, and most recently director of marketing and corporate communications for Iridium Satellite LLC, to be its vice president of marketing and corporate communications.

Mr. Brown brings to his new post more than 20 years of corporate awareness and business communications experience, including extensive global branding and marketing achievements with Fortune 25 companies as well as start-up ventures.

Brown was responsible for establishing Iridium Satellite as a provider of global mobile satellite voice, paging and data solutions with complete coverage of the earth’s oceans, airways and polar regions. By driving the development and execution of Iridium’s marketing, image and awareness strategies, he played a critical role in attracting the necessary customer attention and garnering the proper exposure to help Iridium Satellite reach a financial milestone of cash break-even less than three years after the company was re-launched out of bankruptcy under new structure and ownership.

Brown holds a bachelor’s degree in advertising design from California State University – Long Beach, as well as an MBA in Business Communications from Almeda University.