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EXTON, Pa. – April 1, 2008 – Bentley Systems, Incorporated today announced that Wärmebetriebe GmbH, a leading provider of district heating that operates more than 50 pipeline networks in Austria, is implementing a geographic information system (GIS) based on Bentley sisNET, Bentley sisIMS, Bentley sisVIEW, and Bentley sisFLOW. The new system will replace one based on both a GIS from Intergraph and a decentralized folder-based CAD document system. With the existing system, users often are required to share GIS and engineering data via e-mail, and work prints have to be sent by regular mail to subcontractors. With its new GIS, Wärmebetriebe GmbH will be able to easily and effectively manage engineering data across the entire enterprise for its residential, business, municipal, and other institutional clients. As a result, the company anticipates increased efficiency and data accuracy, new levels of productivity, and an extremely quick return on its investment in this innovative technology. Additionally, Wärmebetriebe GmbH expects to reap further benefits from the system’s SAP integration capabilities, as well as from real-time network data through a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) connector for real-time modeling and analysis.

By deploying Bentley solutions that advance GIS for infrastructure, Wärmebetriebe GmbH is planning to make available to its users, from a single database in real time, all of the data needed to support the entire district heating infrastructure lifecycle – from business planning to engineering, detailed network design, construction, operations, and maintenance. In other words, the new GIS will become the one true source of information about the network assets whether built or planned, with all existing and future GIS data residing in Bentley sisNET.

“Bentley sisNET’s superior design and customizable format make this system extremely appropriate for our district heating infrastructure, and it clearly is the only choice over the other options we considered,” says Daniel MacDonald, GIS project manager from the Technology and Planning Department, Wärmebetriebe GmbH. “Bentley sisNET has a specialized district heating module that sets it apart from other vendors’ offerings, and we were also attracted to the complete interoperability of Bentley’s GIS and engineering solutions.”