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W-JCC First In Virginia To Install Rapid Responder Digital Mapping System To Help Protect Schools

USA – Williamsburg-James City County Public Schools has installed the Rapid Responder┬«crisis management system in all of the district’s 19 elementary, middle, high school, and administration facilities to help protect students and staff during a wide variety of emergencies.

The division also will receive bio-emergency/infectious disease training as well as critical incident response training through Prepared Response

The Rapid Responder system provides campus officials, police, fire, and other first responders with critical information that allows them to act quickly, decisively, and in a coordinated manner. Implementation of the system included pre-planning meetings between school officials and first responders, “digital mapping” of the school buildings, and system training for both school staff and responders. Police, fire and other agencies responding to an emergency are able to view more than 300 data points including floor plans, satellite and geospatial information, interior and exterior photos, emergency plans, hazardous materials locations, utility shut-offs, and evacuation routes.

“The potential help in an emergency available with Rapid Responder is a huge advantage, not only for the predictable emergencies like tornadoes and hurricanes, but for unexpected emergencies that may arise,” said Alan Robertson, W-JCC Facility Manager. “The advantages were made clear during all our training sessions with more than 80 County and City emergency responders.”

“We are pleased to work with Williamsburg-James City County Public Schools to further improve safety and emergency preparedness for the students and staff,” said Jim Finnell, president and CEO of Prepared Response. “Rapid Responder will facilitate planning between school officials and local first responders to ensure a fast, coordinated response in the event of an emergency.”

Prepared Response Inc., a national leader in school emergency preparedness, has deployed the system in more than 2,300 school campuses nationwide. The award-winning system has already been used at a Washington state high school to quickly contain a gunman and evacuate 2,000 students in 20 minutes, and other incidents. Rapid Responder is also protecting high-risk critical infrastructure including stadiums, hospitals, airports, convention centers and seaports in 11 other states.

Rapid Responder has received “certification” status by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security under The SAFETY Act. The Rapid Responder system protects more than 11,000 buildings and is currently deployed in educational facilities, public buildings, critical infrastructure, and private facilities across the U.S.