GeoWrap: Voyager launches VoyagerODN; Trimble launches VRS Now and others

GeoWrap: Voyager launches VoyagerODN; Trimble launches VRS Now and others


Ordnance Survey to map out greener communities at NWG Innovation Festival

UK: To identify ways of improving the environment, Ordnance Survey has invited a group of businesses, academics, students and members of the public in a week-long challenge. The focus of this challenge is on how businesses can contribute towards greener communities as part of Northumbrian Water Group’s (NWG) Innovation Festival,…(Read here)

Voyager Search launches open data network VoyagerODN

US: Geospatial data and content enterprise company, Voyager Search has unveiled its VoyagerODN, which is a single, searchable geospatial catalog of global content. VoyagerODN makes the most of Voyager Search’s core software capabilities by providing public access to millions of free, geospatial pieces of content…(Read here)

Researchers develop LiDAR system to see through trees in forests

US: Researchers from the Naval Research Laboratory has developed a laser system and a new methodology based on gated digital holography that can enhance the visibility of a LiDAR system to see through otherwise obscuring elements of terrain like foliage or netting…(Read here)

Lockheed Martin nears completion of GPS III satellite

US: Lockheed Martin is nearly finished with its third GPS III satellite, part of a planned order of 10 to form a new GPS network for the U.S. military. The GPS III network is meant to provide greater accuracy for air, ground, and sea-based GPS systems. It features anti-jamming systems that are supposed to be up to 8 times more effective than other satellites…(Read here)

Trimble launches VRS Now correction service in France

France: The Trimble VRS Now GNSS correction service is now available in France. The service is designed for a variety of geospatial and construction applications including surveying, cadastral, land administration, and urban and rural construction that would benefit from easy access to high-accuracy, centimeter-level positioning…(Read here)


Trump views on Climate Change has no bearing on NASA-ISRO satellite

Millions of people are looking forward to the first bilateral meeting between Indian PM Modi and US President Donald Trump. Generally, such meetings are dominated by business, trade, security, terrorism, and co-operation…(Read here)