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Volgograd, Russia, implements space technologies

Russia: Committee for information technologies and telecommunications with Volgograd Region Administration has received at its disposal a geoportal for handling geospatial data related to the territory of the Volgograd region. The major contributions towards development of the portal and the space images have come from the ScanEx RDC specialists.

The main functions of the geoservice are to provide access to geospatial data for citizens, economic entities, state power authorities, local authorities as well as to raise the timeliness and efficiency of Volgograd Region executive power authorities in solution of various tasks for territory management. The basis of the information service is RDC’s own technology, ScanEx Web GeoMixer, which is the core of the popular kosmosnimki.ru geoservice.

IRS – 1C/1D satellite data (resolution 5.8 m) for the territory of the whole Volgograd Region with a total area of about 114 thousand square kilometers are available at the created regional geoportal. Also available are high resolution (resolution 0.8 m) up-to-date (delivered on October 6 last year) IKONOS images of the regional centre and the following cities of the Region: Volzhsky, Kamyshin, Mikhailovka, Uryupinsk, Frolovo.

Geoportal provides possibilities for interactive viewing of vector and raster data, usage of geographic tools (measuring of distances and areas, determination of points coordinates, request for information from data base about vector object in the map, etc.) and search services. Geoservice has a set of in-built program components for data access from professional GIS media. In particular, geoportal functionality allows it to work with centralized geodata base of the Volgograd Region, created on the basis of industrial Data Base Management System, supporting the operation with positional and geographic types of data. The base has expanded mechanisms for administration and streamlining of its functioning.

Introducing the regional geoportal, Regional Administration tries to raise the efficiency of usage of existing information resources of the Volgograd region, federal and municipal authorities by increasing the level of their accessibility to the civil society on the basis of resources integration into single information media.

Geoportal usage is planned to eliminate the duplication in financing of activities for creation of spatial data and electronic cartographic materials of the Volgograd Region territory, to employ geoinformation technologies for the solution of tasks in different spheres, including managerial, industrial, research and development, household, recreational and other spheres.

Currently the Volgograd Region geoportal is being tested in the off-line mode. There is a plan to put it in a free access mode very soon.