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Voice-Insight Releases Voice Assistant for ArcPad

ESRI has announced that Voice-Insight has released Voice Assistant for ArcPad, a new application built on top of ESRI’s ArcPad 6 software. ArcPad 6 is the latest release of this powerful mobile mapping and geographic information system (GIS) technology from ESRI, the world leader in GIS technology.

Voice-Insight’s Voice Assistant for ArcPad enables users out in the field to complete their common ArcPad applications using their voice. Users can perform basic tasks such as zoom in, zoom out, and pan as well as more complex tasks, such as retrieve and update forms, query data, and edit features, all with the sound of their voice. Voice Assistant for ArcPad uses Voice-Insight’s, Voice Query Language (VQL), a revolutionary technology that allows database applications to be queried with voice and language.

With ArcPad 6, developers can easily build personalized and customized mobile mapping and GIS solutions using the ArcPad Application Builder. The ArcPad Application Builder enables developers to create new toolbars that contain built-in and custom tools, design custom forms to streamline data collection in the field, build applets that focus on unique goals, and write scripts that interact with ArcPad internal objects. Developers can also develop extensions to support new file formats and positioning services. All customization for ArcPad is performed on the desktop and deployed on the mobile device.