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VLS releases LIDAR Analyst 4.2

Missoula, USA, September 27, 2007: VLS announced the new release of LIDAR Analyst 4.2 for ArcGIS. A free trial version of the software with tutorial is available at www.lidaranalyst.com.

LIDAR Analyst simplifies the collection of 3D GIS features, such as buildings and terrain. Important new tools and capabilities are added with the release of LIDAR Analyst 4.2, including:

  • Batch processing of multiple LiDAR data files
  • Direct export of 3D buildings to Google Earth
  • Enhanced DEM generation and editing
  • Additional contour and attribution tools for terrain and vegetation features
  • Control point analysis to compare extracted elevation values to ground truth control points
  • Ability to assign a coordinate system to LAS files
  • A convert LAS file to raster tool
  • Optimizations for all underlying algorithms