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VLS announces the release of feature analyst for ERDAS IMAGINE

Visual Learning Systems (VLS) announced the release of Feature Analyst for ERDAS IMAGINE. The new extension is available for version 8.x of ERDAS IMAGINE and works within the IMAGINE environment. Feature Analyst for ERDAS IMAGINE is available in both Standard as well as Professional versions and is available for shipping immediately. Feature Analyst for ERDAS IMAGINE integrates state of the art image processing and feature extraction capability in a single platform. The combination allows users to leverage the powerful image processing capabilities of ERDAS IMAGINE to prepare an image, and the sophisticated feature extraction capability of Feature Analyst to extract object-specific features such as buildings, roads, tanks, etc. With Feature Analyst for ERDAS IMAGINE we are able to put Feature Analyst technology in an environment where Image Analysts can leverage advanced spatial and spectral processing, resulting in more accurate extractions from a variety of data sources.

Feature Analyst software has been designed as an extension for ESRI’s ArcView® and ArcGIS™ platforms as well as ERDAS IMAGINE. The Feature Analyst software utilizes machine learning technology to extract specific features from satellite and aerial imagery. Built with the GIS and Image analyst in mind, the software makes it easy to extract single features, such as building footprints, as well as to complete full land cover classifications. ERDAS IMAGINE, the industry’s leading image processing package, offers a sophisticated and tightly integrated system that allows users to visualize, manipulate, analyze, measure, and integrate of any type of geographic imagery and geospatial information into 2D and 3D environments. Its suite of solutions build on the fundamental functionality of IMAGINE Essentials, expand through the robust resources of IMAGINE Advantage, to the comprehensive IMAGINE Professional package. The ERDAS IMAGINE product suite is interoperable with all Leica Geosystems’ products and ArcView Extensions.