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Vladislav Surkov to lead development of GLONASS

Russia: Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin announced new duties of Deputy Prime Minister Vladislav Surkov. Now, Surkov will be responsible for the modernisation of education, science and healthcare, as well as for the development of the GLONASS global navigation system.
Vladislav Surkov observed, “These fields (combination of technologies and social issues) are interrelated.” He added that advancements in technologies will enhance efficiency of industry as well as living standards of people.
Surkov recently made headlines, when President Dmitry Medvedev had appointed him Deputy Prime Minister. The reshuffle then left political analysts puzzled about its meaning. Some experts believed that the new position is abasement for the “chief Kremlin ideologist”. Others said that this is a promotion for Surkov, who will now have to tackle some more “down-to-earth” spheres and control some financial flows.
Source: rt.com