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GIS-based terrain visualization professionals around the world now have fast, convenient and efficient access to huge gigabyte and terabyte high-resolution spatial imagery datasets with Visual Nature Studio 2 (VNS 2). VNS 2 now supports Earth Resource Mapping’s open standard Enhanced Compression Wavelet (ECW) technology. The use of ECW streamlines the terrain rendering process. VNS2 allows for the dynamic demand-paged loading of ECW files to efficiently access only the required data in a large image.

VNS2 automatically reads georeferencing metadata from ECW files, using VNS 2’s dynamic reprojection for automatic alignment of imagery with other DEM raster and vector data. VNS 2 can also save raster output visualizations to the ECW format, complete with georeferencing for use in other GIS and imagery applications. VNS 2 can also access ECW through ER Mapper’s Image Web Server. Image Web Server streams the image into VNS 2, providing only the data needed to satisfy the visualization requirements. This results in lower network and server loads when dealing with large images. Visualization professionals will also be able to access massive libraries of web-based image datasets. Visual Nature Studio 2 is currently available for Windows and Macintosh. VNS 2 is used worldwide for terrain visualization in Architecture, GIS, Forestry, Land Planning, Civil Engineering, Golf Course Design, Aerospace, Television, Feature Films, Game Development and Publishing.

Earth Resource Mapping is the world’s image handling and integrated mapping software company. Clients in more than 120 countries use ER Mapper to prepare imagery, ECW to compress and use imagery, and the Image Web Server to serve imagery over the Internet. 3D Nature LLC develops and supports World Construction Set, and Visual Nature Studio the world leaders in photorealistic terrain modeling, visualization, rendering and animation software. The product of ten years of development, WCS and VNS visualizations are featured in major magazines and newspapers, on television and in movies, in government and the private sector.