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Visual Learning Systems launches LIDAR Analyst 4.1 for ArcGIS

Montana, USA, 12 October 2006: Visual Learning Systems Inc. (VLS) has announced the release of LIDAR Analyst 4.1. LIDAR Analyst completely automates the collection of attributed 3-D buildings, trees, forested regions and bare earth from airborne LIDAR. New capabilities include direct processing of point clouds in .LAS format, extraction of realistic 3-D buildings with complex rooftops, and access to a suite of 3-D Shapefile editing tools.

“People spend money on LIDAR, giving them significant returns of light, the new release of LIDAR Analyst gives them significant returns on investment.” states VLS President Dr. David Opitz, “Without LIDAR Analyst, customers are either forced to use their LIDAR for visualization only, or accept the features data providers deliver with no ability to fine-tune, alter, or improve. Now, with LIDAR Analyst 4.1, each customer has full power and control over exploiting their LIDAR data.”

Free evaluation copies of the LIDAR Analyst software including a tutorial are available at www.lidaranalyst.com

– About LIDAR Analyst
LIDAR Analyst is a 3D feature extraction solution for airborne LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging or Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging) data, supporting Homeland Security, Defense and Intelligence, Forestry, and other vertical markets requiring high-resolution terrain information. Through the power of automation, the software radically simplifies the process of extracting 3D features: bare earth surfaces, buildings, and trees. LIDAR Analyst provides tools for automated feature extraction (AFE), DEM editing, hill shading and relief, building squaring, and data attribution for buildings, tree points, and forest polygons. LIDAR data is unique in that it reveals variations in elevation. Because of this, the innovative LIDAR Analyst software is able to extract and attribute 3D features at the same time.

– Visual Learning Systems Inc. (VLS)-
VLS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Overwatch Systems based in Missoula, Montana, and deals in automated image mapping and image intelligence solutions.