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Visual Learning Systems honoured by ESRI

Visual Learning Systems, (VLS) announced its selection as New Partner of the Year by ESRI at the annual Business Partner’s Conference in Palm Springs, California. The New Partner of the Year award recognizes outstanding contributions to the GIS community by ESRI Business Partners within the past three years. With over 1,400 business partners worldwide, ESRI honored VLS for its development of the ArcGIS extension, Feature Analyst.

In 2002, Feature Analyst earned first place as the Most Innovative Solution in ESRI’s ArcGIS Challenge Contest. Feature Analyst makes it easy to lift geospatial information from digital imagery in a vector format. Feature Analyst’s simple workflow, accuracy, and tight integration with ArcGIS unlocks the rich content found within imagery for all GIS users. In 2004, VLS added over 4,000 licensed Feature Analyst users in the Defense and Intelligence, Academic, Natural Resource, and Local Government markets.