Visual Crossing gets access to MicroStrategy

Visual Crossing gets access to MicroStrategy


UK: VPT has partnered with US-based Visual Crossing, giving it access to the company’s Map Services software for the MicroStrategy business intelligence (BI) platform. This software provides a link between the data warehouse and geospatial information that can unlock previously hidden insight within the data. The software integration leverages MicroStrategy’s data manipulation features including dynamic prompting and drilling over a web client.

Visual Crossing’s Map Services integrated with the MicroStrategy BI platform delivers interactive and presentation-quality geospatial analytics that enable the rapid comprehension and correlation of vast amounts of data. Going beyond the traditional boundaries of BI presentation, it provides the extra dimension not possible with traditional grids and graphs.

“Visual Crossing’s suite enables a powerful link from GIS maps and drawings to your organisation’s data warehouse. The visualisations give users a unique insight,” said Daniel Fedak, Managing Director of VPT. “Visualisation is becoming increasingly mission-critical and is offering financial services, retail, e-commerce and other sectors a distinct and real competitive advantage,” continued Fedak.

Source: BeyeNETWORK