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Virtual Security Africa introduces two new security products

Ghana: Virtual Security Africa (VSA), a digital surveillance company in Ghana, has introduced two new security products – the Real-Time Fleet Management (RTFM) and the Visual Security Integration (VSI).

RTFM uses Global Position System (GPS) technology to communicate the exact location of asset, direction and speed information as well as asset performance data in case of mobile assets like vehicles and vessels for complete assets management. The data delivered is received, stored and analysed at the RTFM network operations center and is accessed from the RTFM hosted application called the fleet central.

“This system is just exceptional, it has an inbuilt intelligent modem that detects landmarks, level of speed, boundaries within which an asset is supposed to operate. This is critical for safety, security and high value fleet management requirements,” said Emmanuel S. Asiedu, CEO, VSA. He further said that the RTFM has proven reliable all over the world and can be deployed in areas like service and delivery, trailer and container, transportation and oil and gas, construction, mining, bus and motor coach, government, military, marine and offshore.

The Visual Security Integration system, is being described as an ‘all in one’ flexible and versatile security system that integrates access control, alarm, video surveillance, time and attendance and central control or monitoring, into one platform security system.

“Instead of having stand-alone security systems which are costly and cumbersome to monitor, the VSI saves money and time as everything is being monitored on a single platform,” Asiedu said. “The VSI provides facility protection, surveillance and multiple sites remote monitoring capabilities which allows facility managers to monitor all kinds of operations anytime and anywhere via an internet electronic browser or cell phone.”

The VSI Visual Physical Security Integration system can be deployed in banks, university campuses, warehouses, airports, and buildings.

Source: myjoyonline news