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Virtual excavation of Stonehenge

London: Archaeologists have taken excavation one step further – they are carrying out a virtual excavation of Stonehenge to discover what the area looked like when the monument was built.

The study will map the terrain and its buried archaeological remains with pinpoint accuracy, and then incorporate the measurements into gaming technology to produce 2D and 3D images.

“The results of this work will be a digital chart of the ‘invisible’ Stonehenge landscape, a seamless map linking one of the world’s most famous monuments with the buried archaeology that surrounds it,” the BBC quoted project leader professor Vince Gaffney, from the University on Birmingham.

“We will do this using emerging technology that allows us to pull large banks of sensors behind a quad bike and using real time GPS to locate the measurements,” said Dr Christopher Gaffney, from the University of Bradford.

The research will take three years.

Source: DNA