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Virginia to implement NovaLIS

NovaLIS Technologies – the provider of integrated land records management solutions – is pleased to announce Roanoke County, Virginia will implement its suite of land records products including Assessment Office, Land Development Office, Parcel Editor and GATE. Billy Driver, Roanoke County’s Director of Real Estate Valuation says NovaLIS clearly fit the County’s criteria. 
“Our selection team members were looking for an integrated SQL Server database, a wide range of flexibility for customization, and integration with ESRI products, which will provide a strong GIS presence to accompany parcel data, and NovaLIS met all of our needs,” says Driver.
Roanoke County’s primary objective was to acquire an integrated system that will serve multiple departments who rely on each other for land records data sharing. An integrated system eliminates the need for repetitive data entry, which results in a substantial increase in efficiency and accuracy. Increased efficiency in these departments will automatically enhance the services that Roanoke County provides to its citizens, business community and other County staff.
“In implementing multiple NovaLIS products, jurisdictions such as Roanoke County are maximizing the benefits that our land records solutions have to offer,” says NovaLIS President/CEO Gary Waters. “Without integration, most stand-alone systems lack the ability to truly streamline and automate the overall business processes of an organization True integration extends beyond the walls of a single system and department. It affects business processes throughout an entire organization. NovaLIS’ integrated land records management solutions transcend boundaries to provide organizations with a seamless, integrated system.”