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View real-world-scale through Google Maps

UK: Dimensions, an online project of BBC, which displays important places, events and measurements through Google map, has been developed by Berg London and Keltie Cochrane.

‘Dimensions’ allows users to find out the scale of something in relation to their chosen locations, that is, moon walks, the Giza pyramids, WWII bomb blasts and natural disasters.

Gateshead creative consultancy Keltie Cochrane, working alongside Berg London, was commissioned to research modern and historical subjects which could be explored.

Once completed, the agency created scale info graphics of each event/subject, which was then superimposed onto maps. Several of these topics were made ‘walkable’, allowing the user to plot a route from their doorstep to trace the distance in the real world.

The project has been used on the BBC website to demonstrate the extend of the Pakistan floods.

Source: The Drum