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Vietnam’s first remote sensing satellite launched after delay

Vietnam: After three days of delay due to bad weather conditions, Vietnam’s first remote sensing satellite, VNRED Sat-1, was launched by Arianespace from the Guiana Space Center, French Guiana on May 7. The earth observation satellite was launched by a Vega lightweight rocket.

The VNRED Sat-1 was launched with two other space vehicles, including a 140kg Proba-V satellite of the European Space Agency (ESA) to map vegetation cover, and a 1.3kg Estonian microsatellite, ESTCube-1, to test an electric solar sail.

During its operation, VNRED Sat-1 will provide high-resolution satellite images that will serve social and economic development purposes, natural resources management, environmental protection, and natural disaster detection and control.

The satellite, which measures 600 mm x 570 mm x 500 mm and weighs 115 kg, was built at a total cost of €55.8 million from the French Government’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) fund and VND65 billion (around $3.2 million) from the Vietnamese Government.

It is expected that the satellite will provide 100 images a day on average.

Source: Talkvietnam