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Vietnam uses historical cartography to claim territories

Hanoi, Vietnam: Vietnam resorted to the use of historical cartography to claim territorial sovereignty over the Truong and Hoang Sa Islands in the East Sea, in dispute with China. According to local media, Vietnamese academic Mai Ngoc Hong found a map published in 1904 that excludes the islands which have been a source of dispute.

Mai Ngoc Hong also affirmed that after nearly 30 years of studying old documents, he reached that conclusion, turning the results over to the museum of National History.

Judging by the map, Hainan Island is the southernmost region of the neighbouring country recognised in a map drawn up using a modern Western cartographic method over a century ago.

The islands also known as Paracel and Spratly are a source of conflict between the two countries that have always had friendly relations and is one of the main concerns of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

Source: plenglish