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Vietnam to modernise land administration

Vietnam: The World Bank and the Embassy of New Zealand collaborated with Vietnam’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to develop a complete and modern land management system. The collaboration aims to increase access to land information services by all stakeholders.
The Land Administration Project (LAP), which is estimated to cost at around USD 47.2 million, has three components and will be implemented in selected provinces in Vietnam. The first component is the modernisation of the land registration system. This component will support the development of an accurate, current and complete information system to support land registration through: completing and updating all cadastral mapping showing all land parcels, updating of all land records, further developing and implementing the computerised land record system, and selected policy studies in support of the land administration system.
The second component is the improvement of land registration service delivery. This component will provide support for three main areas:- The modernisation and improvement of Land Registration Offices (LROs) to implement the government’s policy for one door single service centres for land registration;- Access to land registration data through all LROs and the Internet; and- The comprehensive program to support public awareness raising and better communications of land registration and participation in the processes to complete and update land records, surveying and mapping.
Lastly, the third component will support the overall implementation of the project through project management monitoring and evaluation. According to Nguyen Manh Hien, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources, the LAP is the country’s “golden chance” to improve its land administration sector. He added that the project should focus on finalising a land database as an important foundation for the building of a modern land administration model.
To date, the project has completed surveying and mapping on nearly 400,000 ha of land, and has been implemented in nine localities including Hanoi and Hung Yen, Thai Binh, Quang Ngai, Binh Dinh, Khanh Hoa, Vinh Long, Tien Giang and Ben Tre provinces since it started in 2008.
Source: FutureGov