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Vietnam plans national land use inventory

HANOI — Prime Minister of Vietnam Nguyen Tan Dung has urged relevant ministries and agencies to conduct a land-use survey across the nation beginning January 1, 2010 to form the basis for better land management.

The survey, scheduled for completion prior to October 31, 2010, will help designate management and funds for land based on its use, or non-use, and to develop appropriate measures for effective exploitation. The survey will look at the number of land users on a specific area, particularly farming lands.

The PM also ordered relevant ministries and agencies to propose land management recovery measures for any shortcomings after a full report of the land-use situation is available.

The Government leader entrusted the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to guide local authorities in implementation methods for the survey, to draw land-use maps and to provide remote-sensing photos to the localities.

The ministry was asked to collect statistics from localities, write a land-use report and draw a land-use map of the entire country for submission to the Government. The first national land- use survey was carried out last year