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Vietnam launches first indigenous EO satellite

Vietnam: The first indigenously developed satellite in Vietnam, the F-1 Satellite, manufactured by the Space Research Division of the FPT Technology University, was successfully launched into orbit from Japan’s Tanegashima Space Center.

F-1 satellite can take pictures of 640×480 resolution and transmit them to earth at a speed of 1,200b/s. The satellite will be used to monitor maritime transport and forest fire prevention efforts.

Together with the F-1, the Japanese Transfer Vehicle (HTV-3) also carried four other satellites, namely RAIKO, FITSAT-1, WE WISH and TechEdSat of Japan and the US, to the International Space Station (ISS).

The five satellites will be moved to the ISS airlock compartment and a robot will release them into orbit in September.

This is the first time an ISS robot will perform this task, opening up a major opportunity for launching other small satellites into orbit.

In the near future, Vietnam aims to master space technology and use it to monitor maritime activities in the East Sea, support search and rescue activities at sea, and discover forest fires, in addition to serving other communications services, said Vu Trong Thu, head of FSpace.

Source: VOV