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VicRoads to showcase LRS at Brisbane

Australia: Evan Quick from VicRoads will be presenting the organisation’s Linear Referencing System (LRS), a project implemented in partnership with ESRI Australia at the upcoming Queensland Transport and Main Roads Spatial Science Symposium, being held in Brisbane during 7-8 June.

It will share knowledge with their Queensland counterparts. VicRoads is the registered business name of the Roads Corporation, a statutory corporate within the Victoria Government in Australia.

LRS was designed to accept linear references, GPS coordinates, constrained literal descriptions and street addresses. The System validates, transforms and enriches submitted location information, allowing it to be stored and managed in a consistent way. Providing a rich set of web services that underpin key organisational processes, the LRS also provides flexibility for legacy and new systems to integrate and to develop against as they come online.

Source: ESRI Australia