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Vexcel releases Linux-based Data Capture Systems(VxDCS)

Vexcel Corporation has announced the addition of Linux-based systems to their Vexcel Data Capture System (VxDCS) product line. VxDCS, previously available only for the Unix platform, is the leading solution for direct-to-disk data acquisition (and optional retransmission) of satellite downlinks and other high rate data. The product claims the largest installed base in its class, with customers that include major aerospace companies, a range of international remote sensing centers, and prominent US agencies such as NASA.

In addition to the smaller price tag, the new VxDCS boasts a smaller footprint when one considers the integration of the disk array—which may contain up to ten disk units—into the rack mountable system chassis. This compact system design also houses the Vexcel Ion™ circuit boards and the PC components. A tape drive for data archiving is optional.

Despite Vexcel’s trimming of the size and cost of the VxDCS, Frick emphasizes that there is no trade off in performance. In fact, the Linux-based machines have outperformed Unix systems in Vexcel’s labs; with top speeds of up to 380 Mbps. Vexcel will offer low-end and high-end configurations at respective processing speeds of up to 200 and 380 Mbps.