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Vexcel, PCI introduce GPU-enabled UltraCam processing

US: Vexcel Imaging and PCI Geomatics introduced the GeoImaging Accelerator Aerial – GPU-enabled UltraCam processing. The UltraMap and GXL Aerial processing system is offered in three configurations.

A global alliance between these companies leverages the strengths of the two organisations to produce an end-to-end image processing system developed specifically for customers of Vexcel Imaging’s UltraCam series of high-resolution digital aerial cameras and UltraMap photogrammetric software. They claim that their solution reduces delay between imagery collection and delivery of finished goods and save 15% on the system cost by acting before September 2010.

They have also invited their users at Vexcel Imaging’s first “International User Group Meeting” in Vienna, Austria during July 7- 9, 2010, where they will highlight the benefits of Geomatica GXL.

Source: Vexcel Imaging