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Vexcel Imaging introduces GeoImaging Accelerator

Austria: A global alliance between Microsoft’s Vexcel Imaging GmbH and PCI Geomatics leverages the strengths of the two organisations to produce an end-to-end image processing system, GeoImaging Accelerator. It has been developed specifically for Vexcel Imaging’s UltraCam series of high-resolution digital aerial cameras and UltraMap photogrammetric software.

The Accelerator combines high-performance computing with PCI Geomatics expertise to provide improvement in speed and efficiency. By optimising the automated ProLines workflows, traditional image-processing is elevated to industrial-strength production. Performance improvements are the result of improved data handling, distributed multi-threaded processing and optimised processors.

The ever-growing capabilities address a large number of requirements. Under application needs, it offers high-performance GPU computing for automated RPC satellite orthorectification and automated pansharpening. Under project management needs, it offers load-balancing and distributed processing, and job processing system with web interface. Under IT and operational needs, it offers on-site hardware-support, integration with existing ProLines workflows and migration path from standard hardware and workflows.

In addition, upcoming modules will expand the applications to include:
– High-Performance GPU Computing for Automated Mosaic, Automated Airphoto Orthorectification, Automated DEM Extraction, Additional Satellite and Airphoto Sensors, Environmental, Security and Agriculture Applications and more.

The unique Job Processing System helps users to schedule and directly process thousands of images, whether on a single server or distributed hardware architecture. The GPU processors complete tasks in seconds and minutes, rather than hours and days. This combination of speed and automation allows users to deliver more, in less time and at lower cost.

Source: Vexcel Imaging and PCI Geomatics