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Vettro adds customizable map views to its GPS service

New York, USA, December 6, 2006 – Vettro, a company providing on-demand mobile business applications, today introduced expanded GPS capabilities in its Vettro 360 product suite.

Vettro’s enhanced product offering builds upon traditional GPS tracking and mapping functionality to enable more intelligent utilization of location-based services. Specifically, the new functionality enables users to set up customized map views based on any number of variables or characteristics associated with the mobile workforce.

The new application enables Vettro customers to extend the on-demand mapping service well beyond conventional workforce tracking and integrate data specific to their business to the map display and reports. Vettro’s GPS service is architected to easily accommodate custom data–such as proprietary landmarks, onboard inventory, or worker status–that can be pulled from an existing Vettro mobile application or the enterprise back-end system.

“Our improved GPS application enables us to easily deploy a Web-based solution to our clients that gives them the tools they need to more intelligently leverage real-time location and proximity information,” said Matt Finkelstein, Vice President of Product Management for Vettro.

“Prior to this enhancement, our customers had no simple way to integrate their specific business information or requirements into a mapping solution. This solution creates an ‘on-demand tunnel’ from enterprise data to our GIS infrastructure so that clients can use multiple types of information in a much more meaningful way than they ever have before.”

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Vettro, headquartered in New York City , is a company providing mobile on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) and field service management (FSM) applications. For more information, visit https://www.vettro.com/gps/.