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Vetronix selects GDT data for Mastertrak Telematics solutions

Vetronix Corporation, a provider of advanced automotive diagnostic equipment and Telematics solutions, and Geographic Data Technology, Inc., a developer of premier map databases, announced that Vetronix would incorporate GDT’s street and address information into the Vetronix Mastertrak suite of next-generation telematics solutions. Vetronix will incorporate GDT’s Dynamap /Transportation database into the Mastertrak Fleet Solutions and Mastertrak OEM Solutions product lines for a total vehicle support system. Mastertrak solutions merge diagnostics and telematics to create new models of mobile asset management and driver productivity. Compiled from a vast network of sources, the Dynamap/Transportation map data provides comprehensive street and address coverage, highly accurate one-way and restricted turn information, accurate representation of limited access highways, preferred routing names, and exit point layers to offer superb performance within routing and telematics applications. Mastertrak Fleet and OEM Solutions go far beyond conventional Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) products, by integrating with the vehicle’s on-board computer systems, and other devices, to deliver powerful fleet management functions. Mastertrak Fleet solutions include a wide range of capabilities for Fleet Managers, including the ability to monitor and report on such areas as asset management with remote diagnostics; productivity and logistics; safety; security; and fuel management. Mastertrak OEM solutions can provide engineers with a better way to capture environmental and performance data from the vehicle, accelerating development cycles, improving quality and reducing warranty and service costs. After careful evaluation of commercial map data providers, Vetronix selected GDT based on data quality, GDT’s ability to provide data optimized for use within ESRI’s ArcIMSÒ Route Server extension, and GDT’s reputation as a premier data provider for the fleet/AVL market. GDT’s seamless coverage for the United States and Canada allows Vetronix to provide support for local, regional, nationwide, and cross-border fleets. Current and complete addressing coupled with GDT’s positionally accurate streets enables accurate reverse geocoding, enhancing the value of address reports based on GPS data. Vetronix also selected ArcIMS and the Route Server extension to provide the tracking and routing capabilities for Mastertrak. By integrating GDT’s premier street and address data with the ArcIMS Route Server technology, Vetronix can provide users with superior map display, address matching, driving directions, and route calculations. GDT is able to leverage its longstanding partnership with ESRI to provide a fully optimized map data solution for use with the ArcIMS Route Server extension. The combination of Vetronix technical innovation, ESRI software, and GDT map data provides a telematics solution that will deliver exceptional value to automotive OEMs and commercial fleet operators. Mastertrak Telematics Solutions are designed to be extremely powerful and easily tailored to each client’s individual business needs.