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Verusen launches cloud platform built on artificial intelligence

USA: Verusen, an innovator in materials inventory and data management technology, will launch its pioneering cloud platform at the “Salute to Digital Innovation and Intelligence in the Supply Chain” event taking place today from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m.at the Metro Atlanta Chamber.

Verusen’s cloud platform uses advanced artificial intelligence to harmonize and provide visibility into materials inventory data from ERP and other systems. The platform’s predictive capabilities also optimize inventory and procurement. Not only does it help companies avoid overstock costs and production risks from inaccurate materials inventory, the platform also supports a more agile supply chain that better handles the dynamic pace of today’s business climate and changing customer demands.

“Evolving customer demands and expectations are significantly impacting every supply chain around the world,” said Paul Noble, founder and CEO of Verusen. “Legacy systems piled on top of one another and non-integrated technologies, all with disparate data, create additional challenges for today’s supply chains.

While we first saw this with B2C companies, it’s now fully impacting B2B businesses, as well―driving up costs of materials and processes while complicating continuity of knowledge and operations. Our technology addresses a massive need across every industry, especially manufacturing, where visibility and uptime are critical.”