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Vermont identifies green energy resources using GIS

Redlands, California, USA—The Green Mountain State of Vermont is getting even greener with digital maps to support renewable energy development. Transmission and distribution utility Green Mountain Power is using GIS technology from ESRI to identify areas of the state most suitable for wind and solar power generation. Green Mountain Power serves more than 94,000 customers with a service territory of approximately one quarter of Vermont’s population.

The renewable energy maps and models were created using ESRI’s ArcGIS Spatial Analyst, an extension of ESRI’s core software, ArcGIS Desktop. ArcGIS Spatial Analyst enables users to build elevation models, perform analysis of land use and spatial relationships, and bring in outside data that is related to wind energy and restricted areas. Additionally, ArcGIS Spatial Analyst includes a solar radiation tool to map and analyse the intensity of the sun over a geographic area.