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Venezuela sets up special commission on land boundaries

Venezuela: President of the Legislative Council of the State of Miranda, MP Michel Ferrandina, has set up a special commission to examine the legal basis of the boundaries of municipalities El Hatillo and Baruta. In 1983, boundaries of both the municipalities were changed. The special commission comprises of the heads of Christian democratic party (COPEI), Primero Justice, Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela (PSUV) and councillors from both municipalities. The documentation prepared by the commission will be registered at the National Mapping agency.

MP Ferrandina said, “The commission will not only rectify the boundaries, it will also solve economic, social, and cultural issues of these two jurisdictions.” The minister further said that the legislature and the city council are working together to solve the border problem of El Hatillo and Baruta.

“People of El Hatillo are clamouring for their rights and reclamation of their borders. We will deliver justice to them by resolving their boundary issue,” Ferrandina added.

“The Hatillana community is severely affected by this boundary problem. There is no dividing line between the two municipalities, so it is not clear which authority is responsible for providing water, transportation and security facilities,” Ferrandina noted.

Source: entorno intelligence