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Venezuela: B 8 million invested in Spatial Data Infrastructure

The Director of Planning of the Government of Nueva Esparta state, Mario Escalante hopes that through the Spatial Data Infrastructure (Idene), data that are managed in the region, which have access to the general public multiply through the official website of the regional executive. The investment, channelled by the Federal Council of Government (CFG), is already approved and the project includes the installation of a situation room on the island of Margarita, he said. He will have the node that is going to connect to the primary server for the Spatial Data Infrastructure of Venezuela, IDEVEN.

The latter “is to facilitate the availability, access and use of data, metadata and standardized geographic services to the entire general public administration, private sector, universities and by providing the ability to integrate their own data, metadata, and services in this spatial data infrastructure,” according to the site www.geoportalsb.gob.ve.

When you have all the flow of information, the public can access the data via the corporate site of the Interior (www.nuevaesparta.gob.ve). Even the communal councils can access the community cards, and have on hand information about the different areas. “This will be achieved through the same server, because this will have many applications. I”m really excited,” he said. Escalante said the Geographic Institute of Venezuela Simón Bolívar (www.igvsb.gob.ve) has been working for a couple of years ago with all the information of Nueva Esparta, which is processed and is progressively scanned.

Source: GSDI/El Sol de Margarita