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Velodyne Lidar showcases new Lidar sensor technology at CES 2019

US: Velodyne Lidar, Inc. introduced its breakthrough new lidar sensor technology at CES 2019 in the Las Vegas Convention Center North Hall. Velodyne presented product demonstrations showing how lidar is advancing vehicle autonomy, safety, and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). 

Velodyne partners also lead in-booth presentations and demonstrated lidar’s use in autonomy, marine, agriculture, and emerging industries.

Here is the list of the products which Velodyne demonstrated at CES:

Velodyne Alpha Puck: The culmination of ten years of lidar development and learning from millions of road miles, the Alpha Puck is a sensor specifically made for autonomous driving and advanced vehicle safety at highway speeds. Perfect for Level 4-5 autonomy, the sensor produces an image best described as “stunning,” with the highest resolution data set in the world. It boasts the longest range for highway driving and maximum safety.

Velodyne Velarray: The Velarray’s best-in-class range, resolution, and field of view facilitate robust object detection, allowing for longer braking distance and increased safety. Designed for seamless vehicle integration, this compact sensor generates a richly-detailed directional image, day or night.

Velodyne also presented products and presentations from its network of customers and partners that are using lidar technology in a range of innovative solutions. These partners included Accur8vision, AGC, Apex.AI, AutonomouStuff, DeepMap, Local Motors, MechaSpin, and Paracosm.

Accur8vision: Equipped with Velodyne lidar, Accur8vision provides an innovative approach to the security sector. Accur8vision is a volumetric detection system that protects an entire area needing to be secured, compared to perimetric detection which only guards the boundary. With Accur8vision and Velodyne lidar sensors, any intruder who enters the guarded area will never go undetected.

AGC: A world-leading supplier of flat, automotive, and display glass, as well as chemicals and other high-tech materials and components, AGC showcased windshield technology from its WIDEYE task force. Wideye is focused on autonomous vehicles and solid-state lidar integration solutions.

Apex.AI: Apex.AI builds reliable, safe, and certified software for autonomous vehicles and other autonomous mobility systems. Apex.OS is an SDK compatible ROS 2 (Robot Operating System). It provides a production-grade, safety-certified real-time framework for developing safe and secure autonomous vehicle applications. Apex. Autonomy provides functional building blocks for autonomous vehicles on top of Apex.OS, such as libraries for 3D lidar perception including integration of Velodyne lidars.

AutonomouStuff: AutonomouStuff provides the best R&D platforms, products, software, and engineering services to aid in the advancement of robotics and autonomy. The company has provided solutions for automated driving to thousands of customers worldwide.

DeepMap: HD mapping is a crucial piece of the autonomous vehicle stack that needs to be robust, reliable, and highly scalable. DeepMap provides state-of-the-art mapping and localization to autonomous vehicles as a service. DeepMap helps its customers expedite their autonomous vehicle technology development in a safe and scalable way.

Local Motors by LMI: Local Motors showed the world’s first co-created, electric, and self-driving shuttle, Olli. Local Motors partnered with Velodyne to showcase how Velodyne sensors allow Olli to not only see in 360 degrees but also ensures coverage of multiple overlapping areas at greater distance with more reliability.

MechaSpin: An industry-leading lidar sensor integrator, MechaSpin showcases how it has utilized Velodyne’s lidar technology to develop an ecosystem of capabilities to provide solutions in the maritime, intermodal, agriculture, and material handling industries. MechaSpin’s proprietary MSx Processing Engine enables rapid adoption and integration of lidar sensor technology for custom applications.

Paracosm: Paracosm, a division of Occipital, develops PX-80, a handheld 3D mapping device that captures large-scale indoor and outdoor spaces in minutes using Velodyne’s Puck sensor. Its CES presentation highlighted exciting, real-world customer use cases from scanning aircraft hangars to the Amazon rainforest for a virtual reality film.