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VE add-in for AWhere available

Golden, USA, August 2, 2007: AWhere, Inc announced the availability of a Virtual Earth add-in for their geovisual business mapping software, AWhere. The add-in allows AWhere users to display the Microsoft Virtual Earth map interface inside the AWhere 3.8 map window as a backdrop to other layers of geolocated data. The add-in installs a button on the main AWhere toolbar, from which the Virtual Earth map interface can be turned on or off and “views” of Virtual Earth can be selected; either the “Road” view, the “Aerial” (photo) view, or a “Hybrid” view.

AWhere is geovisual software that creates maps from spreadsheet or database data and then mashes it up with data from weather and scientific studies, U.S. Census, on-line mapping services i.e. Virtual Earth, etc. It develops geovisual software that leverages the location component in business data, the “where”, of what was bought or sold.

“By adding a Virtual Earth street view underneath, our users can not only predict their new customers, but see where they are located and even the demographics surrounding the location. It completes our business proposition.”aid Jim Pollock, President of AWhere.