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Uttar Pradesh in India to improve health services using GIS

Lucknow, India: The International Development Association, World Bank’s concessionary lending arm, will fund INR 800 crore to the Uttar Pradesh Health Systems Strengthening Project (UPHSSP) in India, Times of India reported. The project aims to help Uttar Pradesh state health and family welfare department cope up with institutional constraints. A memorandum of understanding to this effect has been signed.

One of the major objectives of the project is to set up health GIS. All government hospitals, primary and community health centres will be digitally mapped and integrated with the GIS system. The aim is to keep a track of human resource, equipments, medicines and deficiencies’ at a central location.

Ahmed Hasan, Health and Family Welfare Minister of the state, explained, “The amount is about 18 percent of the grants sanctioned for the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) to the state for 2012-13 fiscal. However, the purpose of the project would catalyse achievement of targets set under NRHM. Activities planned under UPHSSP would streamline the working of health directorates – the back bone of health delivery system – by weaving in elements of transparency, accountability and efficiency through introduction of new processes and system.”

The project has succeeded a previous World Bank project called UP Health Systems Development Project (UPHSDP) which was meant to build basic infrastructure for health in the state. It had an active involvement in areas like reproductive and child health, immunisation, polio eradication and disease control.

Source: Times of India