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UTM to develop flood warning system using GIS

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia– Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) will soon develop a flood early warning system for major towns especially this city to help overcome traffic congestion after a heavy rain. Vice Chancellor Datuk Prof Dr Ir Zaini Ujang said that through the system, road users would be informed much early of the possibility of floods and indirectly this would allow them to find alternative routes to avoid being caught in traffic jams.

“Floods in Kuala Lumpur is seasonal and for that, we will use the existing system including remote sensing and GIS to trace rain and rainfall in particular areas. “The system will be developed by the UTM Associated Research Group in collaboration with University of Oxford,” he told a press conference here Tuesday.

Dr Zaini said: “The research group from University of Oxford has experience in handling snow problems including in determining how many lorries are needed to remove snow and this experience also we will use in directing traffic flows during rainy seasons.