USIBD to promote building documentation

USIBD to promote building documentation


US: Recently, a group of industry leaders founded the US Institute of Building Documentation (USIBD). Its mission is to further the excellence of building documentation by promoting, educating, guiding and supporting stakeholders with an interest in the built environment in a way that cultivates networking and information sharing.

In its effort to help bring the various stakeholder groups together the USIBD partnered with various leading industry organisations, such as the Associated General Contractor’s BIM Forum, the buildingSMARTalliance (bSa), the non-profit organisation CyArk, which is dedicated to digitally preserving cultural heritage sites by collecting, archiving and providing of open access to recorded data created by laser scanning, digital modeling, and other state-of-the-art technologies, and The SPAR Point Group, a 3D imaging technologies conference organiser and information resource.

The USIBD’s mission is to promote and facilitate:
– Building Documentation as a distinct industry; establishing standards, guidelines and best practices to foster excellence in the productivity, quality and safety of the documentation process
– The codification of ethical practices to support and further the growing network of professionals dedicated to Building Documentation
– To encourage cooperation and the exchange of information among documentation professionals who are responding to growing interest in building documentation by owners/operators, service providers, government agencies, and the public
– To establish and promote a “Certified Building Documentation Professional” certification (CBDP)
– To serve as a core educational resource dedicated to the pioneering technology of the Building Documentation industry
– And to recognise individuals for outstanding dedication and service to the building documentation profession.