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USGS webinar on national geospatial services

US: The USGS’ National Geospatial Technical Operations Center (NGTOC) will be hosting a 30- minute webinar on ‘Using the National Map services to enable your Web and mobile mapping efforts’ on June 16 at 9 a.m. Mountain Time. This webinar will feature a brief overview of services, data and products that are publicly available, a quick overview on how AlpineQuest, a private firm, is leveraging this public data to benefit their users, and a Question & Answer session with a USGS developer to help you get the most out of the national geospatial services.

“This is an opportunity from NGTOC to bring developers and users together for some demonstrations and starting some dialogue,” said Brian Fox, the NGTOC Systems Development Branch Chief. “The webinar format allows us to improve awareness of USGS geospatial services and develop a better understanding of what users and developers need to make our data and services more available and usable.”

To access the webinar, you’ll need to activate Cisco WebEx and call into the conference number (toll free) 855-547-8255 and use the security code: 98212385. The webinar will display through WebEx, and you can access it via this address: https://bit.ly/1RHayxY

Source: USGS