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USGS unveils new flood mapping tool

US: The United States Geological Survey (USGS) unveiled a new web-based tool, called a “flood inundation map” that will help residents and emergency managers protect lives and property in the flood-prone Sweetwater Creek area.

This new tool will help identify where the potential threat of floodwaters is greatest, enabling emergency personnel from FEMA and state and local agencies to make quick decisions about when and how to evacuate residents. State and local officials will be able to use the interactive tool before the rain falls to better plan flood response and resource recovery and to assess evacuation routes at various flood levels.

Flood inundation maps are based on real-time river gauge readings from the USGS’s nationwide streamgage network, which monitors water level and flow of the nation”s rivers and streams. Users can identify locations that would be affected by flooding at different water levels from I-20 north through Austell. In addition to the map, scientists are also installing a webcam along the creek near Legion Park to capture live streaming video, enabling people to monitor the creek’s water levels in real time.

Source: South Cobb