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USGS seeks volunteers help for crowdsourcing programme

US: The USGS is expanding its crowd-sourcing of geographic data and is seeking more volunteers to contribute structures information to 16 more states. The mapping crowd-sourcing programme, known as The National Map Corps (TNMCorps), encourages citizens to collect structures data by adding new features and/or correcting existing data within The National Map database. Structures being mapped in the project include schools, hospitals, post offices, police stations and other important public buildings.

“We are excited to open the next series states of our volunteer data project” said Elizabeth McCartney, the Volunteer Geographic Information Project Leader. “The response from the original set of states has been encouraging and we hope to have volunteer participation across the entire nation by the end of the year”.

The citizen geographers/cartographers who participate in this programme will make a significant addition to the USGS”s ability to provide accurate information to the public. Data collected by volunteers become part of The National Map structures dataset which is available to users free of charge.

Source: USGS