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USGS releases New Mexico and Idaho maps

US: The USGS, in cooperation with other Federal agencies, has released new Idaho US topographic quadrangles (1,193) and New Mexico quads (1,980 maps) which include Public Land Survey System (PLSS). These are added to the growing list of states west of the Mississippi River to have PLSS data added to US topographic maps. "It is a privilege to support production of the US topographic maps, as I am an extensive user of these products. The capability to turn layers on and off combined with the continuous enhancements in content makes the maps particularly useful for a recreational user. I'm excited to peruse the new Idaho and New Mexico maps," said Kristin Fishburn, a geographer with the USGS.

The new design for US topographic maps improves readability of maps for online and printed use, while retaining the look and feel of the traditional USGS topographic map. Map symbols are easy to read when the digital aerial photograph layer imagery is turned on.

Source: USGS