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USGS establishes National Geospatial Programs Office

To strengthen geographic research and to consolidate geospatial data programs, USGS has created a National Geospatial Programs Office. The move to transfer The National Map from the Geography Discipline to the Geospatial Information Office (GIO) will allow existing expertise in the field of geography at the USGS to focus attention on geographic research and enhance USGS leadership in both geospatial programs and geographic research.

The reorganization will consolidate USGS geospatial programs under the new National Geospatial Programs Office located within the Geospatial Information Office (GIO). The National Geospatial Programs Office will oversee the portfolio of national geospatial programs for which the USGS has responsibility, including the Federal Geographic Data Committee, the Geospatial One Stop project, the Department of the Interior Enterprise Geospatial Information Management activity and The National Map.