USGS certification for DSS 439 and DSS 422

USGS certification for DSS 439 and DSS 422


Richmond Hill, Canada, September 18, 2007: Following an extensive evaluation, the 39 megapixel Applanix Airborne Digital Sensor System (DSS) 439 and the 22 megapixel DSS 422 have been given full manufacturer certification by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). With this acknowledgment, the USGS recognizes that both Applanix DSS airborne digital camera systems successfully meet with manufacturer claims and are capable of providing quality, consistent image data to support civil government mapping and ortho-photography product development. USGS certification is valid for all Applanix DSS camera systems that match the system type evaluated by the USGS.

Both DSS 439 and DSS 422 systems are comprised of an integrated POS AV direct georeferencing system, a medium-format True Color and CIR digital imager with a yaw stabilized azimuth mount, a ruggedized data logger and pressurized drive, a built-in Flight Management System (FMS), imagery and POS AV data post-processing software. Applanix DSS solutions are designed to generate high-quality color and CIR directly georeferenced digital imagery that produces an accurate and radiometrically consistent product with a typical 0.033 m to 1m Ground Sample Distance (GSD). Mapping-quality alternatives to large-format digital cameras, the DSS 439 and DSS 422 are compact and complete systems that provide competitive advantages for organizations searching for rapid, cost-effective aerial imaging solutions.

“Applanix understands the significance of this USGS certification program and what their successful evaluation means to the geospatial community,” said Eric Liberty, DSS Product Manager for Applanix. “It is imperative not to compromise on performance when it comes to delivering consistent image data to support the information needs of our civil institutions.”

“The USGS team appreciates the Applanix systems’ capabilities, particularly their ability to support comprehensive and multifaceted mapping requirements,” stated Gregory L. Stensaas, USGS Manufacturer Certification Team Lead and Remote Sensing Technologies Project Manager for the Geography Discipline. “The Applanix staff took painstaking steps in carrying out the USGS Manufacturer Certification portion of the USGS Quality Assurance Plan for Aerial Digital Imagery. The professionalism and technical capabilities demonstrated deserve this recognition.”