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USGIF accredits service academy

Herndon, US: The US Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF) announced official accreditation of the US Air Force Academy’s geospatial intelligence programme. The US Air Force Academy is the first service academy to be accredited by USGIF.

“The recently accredited Geospatial Intelligence Certificate Program at the US Air Force Academy represents an important step forward for our discipline,” said Dr. R. Maxwell Baber, USGIF’s academic director. “Effective utilisation of geospatial technologies has become critically important for national security, and this accreditation affirms significant USAFA commitment to the growing importance of GEOINT for protecting our national interests.”

USGIF accreditation of university geospatial intelligence certificate programmes assures students are familiarised with a broad set of technical and critical thinking skills as well as provided with knowledge relevant to entering and fostering a career in the geospatial intelligence profession. USGIF accreditation, offered by institutions of higher education, will complement a college degree, support career development and provide professional recognition. USGIF will present students with a geospatial intelligence certificate upon successful completion of the course.

USGIF is currently accepting applications for accreditation. Interested schools can contact Dr. R. Maxwell Baber at [email protected] for more information. Curriculum guidelines, requirements, applications and additional information are available on USGIF’s website at www.usgif.org.

Source: USGIF