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USgeocoder helps in matching address to new district

San Jose, USA: Online Image, a GIS software and technology company, announced the ‘Geocoded Address Batch Processing Service’ for new congressional district matching. This service is the first to match addresses to newly redrawn districts, enabling organisations to update their member address files and direct their members to support the candidates they endorse for the 2012 US elections.

The new district address batch matching is processed by USgeocoder, the flagship product of Online Image. USgeocoder determines the location of each address, identifies its census block, produces congressional district information, and returns the address file to the organisation with district information appended. Using proprietary algorithms, USgeocoder achieves greater than 99.8 percent accuracy for new congressional district matching.

“If an organisation wants its members to support a particular candidate, it must first know which members are in that candidate’s district. Due to recent state redistricting, more than 80 percent of the nation’s congressional districts have changed. Many voters are no longer in the same districts they were before. Our batch address process makes this discovery painless for organisations,” said Mitchell Pearce, CEO of Online Image.

Source: PR Newswire